About Promoters

Dean Caputo:

At sixteen years of age, Dean Caputo had an interest in working out to better his 5’11’’ thin frame, so he built a weight room in his parent’s garage with only a couple benches and a few machines. Having Dean’s friends train with him in his weight room gave him the idea and inspiration to open his own gym one day. After selling his car to make money and saving what he made from working two jobs, while still in high school, Dean was able to make his dream come true. He opened his first business at the age of eighteen in his hometown of Streetsboro, Ohio naming it Bodybuilders Unlimited. Four years into owning his own gym and competing in six other competitions and being undefeated, Dean entered and won the Jr. Nationals Heavyweight Division in Niagara Falls, New York. Getting noticed at the Jr. Nationals by Norm and Will Dabish, owners of the Powerhouse Gym franchise, was a big step in Dean’s career. The Dabish’s approached Dean about converting his Bodybuilders Unlimited name to a Powerhouse Gym. Dean was thrilled at the chance to own a Powerhouse Gym in Streetsboro.

Dean went on to compete in and win numerous titles through the years. He also was given the great opportunity to become the spokesperson and endorsed the Pro Performance sports nutrition line for the GNC stores worldwide along with many other company endorsements and appearing in commercials and print ads. Another big aspect of Dean’s passion was promoting his Dean Caputo’s Powerhouse Classic with partners Gregg and Michelle Krause. After having many busy years and after much thought, Dean decided to retire in 1993 from competing in bodybuilding, but still guest posed at many events and balanced the position of NPC Ohio North District Chairman. Dean was ready to give all his focus and efforts into building a sports nutrition business.

Not only does the Powerhouse have a special place in Dean’s heart, being that he opened it at eighteen with his own money, hard work, and long hours, but it’s also the place Dean met his future wife, Monica, an elementary school teacher. The two are happily married and together for over twenty years with children. In January of 2020, Dean and his wife Monica decided to reopen Dean Caputo's Powerhouse Gym in Streetsboro, Ohio at 9254 Market Square Drive.  

Dean has been blessed with meeting and having many important people influence him throughout his life including his late parents, Tony and Clare Caputo. His parents were very supportive and encouraging. Dean would like to thank Mr. Jim Manion for being a great role model and inspiration to him. He would also like to acknowledge and give thanks to Norm and Will Dabish and Mr. John Parrillo. All of these men helped Dean along the way and have been a great source of support.

The Caputo family strives to live a clean, healthy, and balanced lifestyle and are very active and still train weekly. They believe in helping and encouraging people to stay active to live longer- be the best you can be! With their experiences, they are happy to begin the next chapter in their lives.

The time has come again, Dean and Monica along with their partners, Gregg and Michelle Krause, are pleased and excited to announce they are promoting the NPC Northcoast Championships! They hope you will join them in this journey.

Gregg Krause:

When I was eleven years old I asked Santa Claus for a barbell set (a Roberts 110 lb. set).  Luckily, Mr. and Mrs. Claus (Howard and Shirley Krause) came through on Christmas.  I have not put the weights down yet!  In grade school and all through college I played football as my main sport.

After graduating college with a Business and Physical Education degree, I went on to teach finance and economics and to coach football.  Also, I happened to fall in love and marry Michelle back in 1979…and the rest is history.  We have three lovely children; Heather, Lauren and Jaime.  With teaching, coaching and being a husband and father I always still trained hard, but never had the time to compete in bodybuilding.  With the support and encouragement from Michelle, the kids and my parents, I decided to focus on bodybuilding and step on stage when I was in my mid thirties.  After that, when I knew this is what I wanted to do, this led me out to Powerhouse Gym in Streetsboro.  This is where my passion for bodybuilding became more intense.  Dean Caputo got me involved with judging and becoming Vice Chairman of the NPC North District.

This is when the idea of the Powerhouse Classic evolved with Dean’s family and mine.  We had fun putting it on for all those years with both of our families and friends (both of our mothers – Shirley and Clare worked the ticket booths).  But with working on my Masters Degree, teaching, coaching, being a father, and competing something had to give and it was The Powerhouse Classic.

Since then I have continued to compete and luckily move up in my results at the National level (Masters).  After winning my class at the Masters National and North America a few years ago, I as able to earn my IFBB Pro Card by winning the heavyweight class and overall at the 2013 Masters Nationals.  I am currently training to get ready to compete in the 212 lb. class next year as a pro.

I was also blessed in my life to have many people to guide and influence me.  Most important were my parents, Howard and Shirley Krause, as well as my best friend and wife for over 35 years, Michelle.  When it comes to bodybuilding, I am thankful to Jeff Jones for all of his knowledge and help getting me ready to step on stage.  Also, Gary Udit and Jim Manion have been extremely influential with all of their help and support over the years.

I have retired from teaching (after 35 years) but still coach football at North Royalton.  I have a Masters Degree in Sports Science, and have decided to combine my academic knowledge, along with knowledge I have acquired by personal experience and lifestyle in starting a training business. My passion is to offer the opportunity for everyone, no matter what path you want to take, to improve your health, your physique, and your wellbeing.

I hope you will join the Krause Family and Caputo Family in bringing back the Northcoast Championships!!